Shuster: Tenth Amendment is a Bunch of Baloney

From “MSNBC’s Shuster: Tenth Amendment a ‘Baloney’ Issue That Appeals to Right-wing Fringe”  (h/t Bob Greenslade) Clearly Dave is mis-informed.  Or, he’s a straight-faced liar.  Either way, as far as Constitutional understanding goes, this guy is as clueless – and dangerous – as it gets. Here’s some introductory reading on the subject: Is Obamacare…


The ‘tenthers’

When “they” start giving you a name – and especially when they attempt to use it in a derogatory fashion – you know you’re having an effect.

So here comes the new one – “The Tenthers.”  I recently started seeing a few references to this term in the standard places, Alternet, ThinkProgress, and elsewhere.  But now it seems to have come from on high like the NeoCons did with every new buzzword during the Bush years.

These days, everyone from MSNBC on downward is disparaging those who invoke the principles of limited government that the 10th Amendment stands for as something awful.  And they’ve got this cute little word for it too!


Pawlenty urges Governors to Assert Sovereignty

Minnesota Republican Tim Pawlenty urged fellow governors on Thursday to more frequently assert state sovereignty over the federal government and suggested that the country may increasingly see states suing the federal government. Asked by a caller about the option of asserting the Tenth Amendment as a tactic to reject a successful health care overhaul by…