The Left vs

There’s been more and more garbage coming from the mainstream left as a direct attack on those who believe in limited government under the 10th Amendment.  Here on this blog we’ve written about this already here, here and elsewhere.

The latest?  This “report” from MediaMatters:

On the September 17 broadcast of his radio show, Lou Dobbs hosted Tenth Amendment Center founder Michael Boldin and repeatedly “urge[d]” his listeners to visit the group’s “very interesting” website. The site, among other things, has published or reprinted several articles advocating secession from the United States.

The idea that this website has opinion pieces from people who believe that secession is a proper course is in an effort to discuss the principles of decentralization.  From our “about” page:

The Tenth Amendment Center works to preserve and protect Tenth Amendment freedoms through information and education. The center serves as a forum for the study and exploration of state and individual sovereignty issues, focusing primarily on the decentralization of federal government power.

The fact of the “matter” is that this country was founded on seceding from the British empire – so to ignore this is to ignore what gave birth to the United States of America.

The truth here is that the establishment left sees the 10th Amendment movement as dangerous.  Why?  Because it’s non-partisan.


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