Is Nullification in the Air?

On FreedomWatch, Andrew Napolitano and Lew Rockwell talk about the principles of Nullification, Secession and Interposition. Watch it: If the federal government were trying to do something within a state that was unconstitutional, the state government could say – you have no jurisdiction to do something illegal within our state. Nullification has a long history…


Adnan Shahab: Simplicity and the Constitution

Kudos to Adnan. Shahab for being one of the latest to sign on to our 10-4 pledge for the Constitution! Adnan is running for State Assembly in California’s 20th district. With his signed pledge, he’s promised to not only vote for the Constitution – “very issue. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.” – but, he’s…


Reject Chuck Schumer’s “Compromise”

In the health care saga’s latest twist, New York Senator, Chuck Schumer, has proposed a solution that would allow states to “opt out” of the public option, should there be one included with the final bill. Talking Points Memo reports: We’re chasing the ball on a new idea (is it a trial balloon? is it…


Another Reason to Nullify ObamaCare

From the Wall Street Journal: A central feature of the Baucus bill is the vast expansion of state Medicaid programs. This is necessary, we are told, to cover more of the nation’s uninsured. The provision has angered governors, since the federal government will cover only part of the expansion and stick fiscally strapped states with…


Preamble to the Bill of Rights

“The conventions of a number of the States having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best insure the beneficent…


18th Century Definitions: General Welfare

I was looking through a copy of Samuel Johnson’s “A Dictionary of the English Language“ (published in 1755), and came across a few interesting definitions: General: 1. Comprehending many species or individuals; not special. 3. Not restrained by narrow or distinctive limitations 5. Public; comprising the whole Welfare: 1. Happiness; success; prosperity Clearly, these definitions,…


Is THAT All You’ve Got?

I was scanning the ‘nets and found some interesting responses to MT’s Firearms Freedom Act that I thought I would share.

“How much is Al Qaeda paying this “Grass roots movement” to try to make an ‘end run’ on the US Governments Constitutional rights? (Yes, I said what I meant).  I do not believe that ‘Most Montanans’ feel they way Al Qaedas paid stooges do.  Bin Laden knows that the only way to “defeat Freedom of thought” is to divide the USA and conquer from within like he is doing in the Mideast.. “

Hurry everybody, to your designated ‘Al Qaeda’ meeting points.

“Is the Constitution an idol to worship? I hate to play the role of anarchist, but to kill is also breaking a law set forth thousands of years ago, by the true parchment of law. Guns are only made for killing. In the hands of laymen and criminals, they are deadly for anybody, not just to the true enemy, like Al Qaeda or insurgents. Civilians owning guns is vigilant and treacherous.”

Before I could generate the thought myself, I read the next post which summed up my response perfectly.