TN Lt. Gov Ramsey Joins Efforts to Uphold 10th Amendment Legislation

Running for Governor in 2010, Ron Ramsey has stepped up to the plate in support of the 10th Amendment and limited, Constitutional government. In the past week, he’s signed the 10-4 Pledge for the Constitution, in which he affirms that “All just political authority is derived from the People, and government may only be established…


Abolish The Federal Reserve Bank!

Most people don’t realize there is one element that all tyrannical governments need to expand their empire.  That element is crucial for controlling the population and adding a hidden form of taxation called inflation.

Central banking is one of the most evil systems mankind has ever created.  Giving a monopoly the power to print money and control the economy puts us all at financial risk and makes us indentured servants to the money masters (central bankers).  It also is the source of the uncontrolled spending of the federal government.  You would not have a welfare/warfare/police state if you did not have an unlimited supply of money the government could borrow.


MN Legislature to Make New Effort at Medical Marijuana

Tim Pawlenty, the so-called “states’ rights” governor of Minnesota, feels that marijuana should be illegal in his state. OK. I disagree, but I live in California, so if the people of Minnesota agree, that’s their concern. At least that’s how the Constitution see it. Problem is, Governor Tim has no problem making the people of…