Maryland Sovereignty Resolution

On December 19, 2009 we challenged MD legislators on The Forgotten Men radio show (on 930 WFMD) to introduce 10th Amendment legislation. One sitting MD state Senator called in and committed to it.

Maryland now joins the growing number of States that have introduced non-partisan State Sovereignty resolutions. While a resolution doesn’t carry the force law, it nevertheless delivers a message; A message that firmly supports what the framers intended.


Utah Legislators Call for Fiscal Federalism

Tea partiers take note: at the forefront of any effort to reduce the size of the federal government should be the devolvement of federal programs to the states. Achieving this may seem like mission impossible given the states’ addiction to federal money. However, there are signs that the idea of returning the relationship between the…


Virginia Firearms Freedom Act to Be Heard By Senate Committee this Week

Got an email blast over the weekend from Campaign for Liberty’s Donna Holt about the status of HB69 (Virginia Firearms Freedom Act). Looks like Delegate Carrico’s HB69 has been assigned to the Senate Courts of Justice Committee. The Senate Courts of Justice Committee meets on Mondays and Wednesdays. The bill is not on the docket…


The Overton Window: Two Concepts for Activists

Introduction In this essay, we will look at two ideas which effect nullification and Tenth Amendment efforts in America today.  One of these ideas, the idea of incentives, is familiar to all of us.  Another idea, the Overton window, may be less familiar. Incentives People are influenced by incentives.  As Dr. Perry often writes at the…


Centralizers vs Tenthers on the Economy

“If only D.C. were more like Bejing!” In an article that could have easily been entitled “Abolish the States,” Harold Meyerson of The American Prospect, laments the ways the states have prevented the bureaucrats in D.C. from centralizing even more power. Why? Because the states aren’t draining wealth from their citizens fast enough as the…


Scott Brown’s Scorecard: 0 for 1.

Off to an unconstitutional start. Not surprising, but I wonder how commonplace this is going to be for the new “maverick” in the Senate. A modest job-creation bill advanced in the U.S. Senate on Monday as the chamber’s newest Republican bucked his party and sided with Democrats on a $15 billion package of tax cuts…


States Rights, Yes, But That’s Not All

As Jefferson said, the American principle supports the states as versus the central government, the counties as versus the states, the towns as versus the counties, the wards as versus the towns, and the individual as versus all. Radical decentralism is the libertarian principle.

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