Maryland Sovereignty Resolution

On December 19, 2009 we challenged MD legislators on The Forgotten Men radio show (on 930 WFMD) to introduce 10th Amendment legislation. One sitting MD state Senator called in and committed to it.

Maryland now joins the growing number of States that have introduced non-partisan State Sovereignty resolutions. While a resolution doesn’t carry the force law, it nevertheless delivers a message; A message that firmly supports what the framers intended.


Strategy Discussion

I wrote the following for THE NEW AMERICAN: This is the first FFA in the nation where federal officials could be criminally prosecuted for trying to enforce federal firearms laws. While that might sound good to some, the states need to be cautious about appearing as the aggressor. One false move could tarnish the state…


Virginia Firearms Freedom Act to Be Heard By Senate Committee this Week

Got an email blast over the weekend from Campaign for Liberty’s Donna Holt about the status of HB69 (Virginia Firearms Freedom Act). Looks like Delegate Carrico’s HB69 has been assigned to the Senate Courts of Justice Committee. The Senate Courts of Justice Committee meets on Mondays and Wednesdays. The bill is not on the docket…