Nullify, Repeal, and Vote them out!

Writes Marc Gallagher at Liberty Maven: Opposing the new health care mandate is nullification in its infantile stages. Several state Attorneys General have filed suit on grounds that the health care mandate is unconstitutional. Virginia has passed a law exempting its citizens from the mandate. You won’t hear many people within the debate on the…


Supreme Court Gun Decision Won’t Affect NYC

Already, one serious gun control group is HAPPY….you got that?….with the new supreme court ruling. New Yorkers Against Gun Violence (a gun-control group), is pleased with the decision. Says the director: All the other amendments have reasonable restrictions on them. So I actually really like the Heller decision and the McDonald decision because they put…


Kurt Wallace: Nullify Now Tour Kickoff


http://RealityReport.TV | | Gary sits down with Kurt Wallace, the national tour coordinator for the Nullify Now Tour, to discuss the upcoming dates, speakers and how people can take back their rights with the tenth amendment.

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