Civil disobedience on the Gulf Coast

Deroy Murdock had a devastating piece July 9th on the federal government’s unconscionable response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico ( The catalogue he provides of federal ineptitude and interference is worthy of reading in and of itself, but it is his advice at the end that I wish to draw your…


Patriots and Loyalists

In 1776 there were those who were known as Patriots “One who loves, supports, and defends one’s country.”  Our founders, the 56 dedicated souls that risked being hung for Treason who signed the Declaration of Independents were true Patriots.  

In 1776 there were those that were called Loyalists “One who maintains loyalty to an established government, or political party, especially during war or revolutionary change.”  

In 2010 we have a great crop of Loyalists.   We have the Democrat Loyalists and we have the Republican Loyalists.  Many of them are loyal to the throne of Washington, DC.  Others are loyal to the thrones in State Governments.  These Loyalists remain loyal to tax and spend, government welfare, corrupt and dishonest state and federal governments. They remain loyal career politicians who talk a great talk, but fail miserably when walking the walk…these are Loyalists!!


Is Nullification a Waste of Time?

Stephan Kinsella’s recent blog entry over at had so many good points and principles that….well…just read it….you’ll see. Make sure to click through some of the links for background info as well. ****** On Napolitano’s Freedom Watch, Professor Randy Barnett says he favors the constitutional amendment allowing two-thirds of the States to veto federal law…