Kill Shot!

It seems that the progressive movement strategy is that it will slowly advance our nation towards the ultimate goal of a communist state and every generation of progressives seems to march us one step closer to their utopia. They enact each step of their agenda one step at a time and after they completed a step they start pushing for the next step. This is the M.O. of the recently passed healthcare bill. This puts conservatives in the defensive mode of having to fight off the next wave of progressive change. In order to repeal the progressive agenda we must find a way to put them on the defensive.

In order to do this we must enact a constitutional amendment that removes all federal laws from the registry every election cycle of the House of Representatives. Any piece of legislation that was enacted during any term would be repealed automatically and have to be revoted on during the next term of the House of Representatives which would force them to re-campaign on those laws that they passed. This will also place a check on elected politicians who will manipulate the public in order to move the machinery of government to their will (instead of the people’s will) because anything they do will get an opportunity to be re-evaluated every election cycle. This destroys the permanency of any law because they have to be maintained indefinitely by public opinion which is unlikely to happen. This almost guarantees that the progressive agenda (or any agenda) will fail since public opinion is always dynamically changing from one generation to the next.


Courts aren’t the final arbiter

Opponents of state sovereignty and the states’ power to nullify unconstitutional law argue that federal courts have held nullification unconstitutional.

Jillian Rayfield, in a brilliantly unbiased article *insert sarcastic tone* on writes:

This “tenther” group touts state sovereignty and nullification — the idea that a state can override a federal law it deems unconstitutional (a notion that has been consistently rejected in federal courts). (Emphasis added)

But doesn’t it seem a little fox guarding the henhouseish to deem a branch of the federal government the final arbiter of what is or isn’t Constitutional? Can we really expect agents of the federal government to protect the states and the people from federal tyranny?


Federal Government Out of Control

Here in Montana we continue to wonder where the tyranny will stop. We continue to get snubbed by our elected officials at all levels of government with arrogance leading the way. Recently Montana Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester worked overtime to undermine our sovereignty.

They are both part of the eco~tyranny locking up our resources making closed door deals with not only the United States Eco~extremists, but with foreign governments without the approval of the people. Working behind closed doors with Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer they have effectivly bypassed the 1872 mining act providing for the exploration and development of minerals.

The Health Care regulatory takings law is just now starting to show the tyranny that will undue the repbulic of America from the inside. Forcing citizens to purchase into the health care plan will undermine the individual liberties of every American citizen.