Nullify the Mandate: Arizona Voters Look to Push Back

November 2nd is set to be an important day for the future of Arizona and America.  Not only will we vote for fresh faces who will vow to “get tough” in Washington, D.C., but states across the country are considering ballot measures that will pull the Tenth Amendment out of the closet for some serious stretching such…


We Can’t Afford to Reject Jefferson Any Longer

Thomas E. Woods speaks on the topic of Nullification at the Nullify Now conference in Fort Worth, TX. Tom will be the keynote speaker at Nullify Now! in Orlando on 10-10-10. Get tickets here – or by calling 888-71-TICKETS “If the federal government is going to be limited in power, then something outside of…


The Non-Coercion Principle

The world is run by rules that determine how we interact with other people. A baseball team has rules on how it interacts with its players, a husband and wife have rules on how they interact with each other, and freedom has its own rule.

The non-coercion principle is the one rule of freedom because it is, as its name implies, when a person does not force or coerce in any way how another person acts. This allows each person to exist in a state of freedom since they are free to engage in any behavior they want without any other person having any say otherwise. This principle does not limit a person’s own choice over themselves but completely inhibits their choice over what other people do. The only right that is denied by this principle is the right to dictate what other people should do.