Washington, Jefferson, and Obama’s Expense Report

As I watch the president of the United States jet off to India and Asia I couldn’t help but be reminded of the sharp contrasts to two of our former and greatest presidents, Washington and Jefferson. The contrast is telling and it shows how far away we have drifted from the true intentions of our founding fathers and principles.

Anyone that has read about Washington and Jefferson (school books excluded) knows that these two men spent their individual fortunes on activities that were carried out for the good of our country. In some of their letters they struggle and feel guilt for submitting their “expense reports” to the US Treasury for reimbursement. These two great men loved their country and were fiscally prudent about anything related to the newly formed republic. They considered the funds they used the people’s money. They knew everything they spent was a gift of the hard labors of the American people. They would be appalled at the current trip of our current president.


Nullification Ordered for State Government Officials

Thanks to Rob, on our facebook fan page, for the idea.

Dear Mr. Corbett,

I have just ordered you a copy of “Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century”, by Dr. Thomas E. Woods, Jr..  It should arrive to PO Box 1145 in Harrisburg, PA within the next week.

As you may know, Dr. Woods is a highly regarded scholar and NY Times best selling author who works with the Mises Institute.  Dr. Woods has a BA from Harvard and PhD from Columbia University.

I believe that this book covers a necessary course of action for our state in order to restore balance to our republic and to resist the relentless march towards federal tyranny in America within the next two or three generations.