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Nevada Tenth Amendment Center is just in its infancy , however please look forward to more information on nullification and other liberty related topics.

United States Constitution – Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Listed below are some excerpts from the book – Nullification-how to resist federal tyranny in the 21st century, by Thomas Woods.


Bringing the Tenth Amendment to Massachusetts

In the last year, since December 2009, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has experienced a political facelift. Once considered the textbook example of a one-party state that would play the games of big-government politics without fail, Massachusetts has once again become a battleground for liberty. Groups of citizens, once believed to be a silent, defeated minority have rocked the status quo establishments of both major parties and put every politician in the state on notice that liberty will not be surrendered quietly to increasingly centralized authority. These citizens have rediscovered the prescient wisdom of the United States Constitution and find in that document empowerment to retrace the lines that limit our government to its rightful functions.

Some citizen activists came away from the recent election with a sense of defeat, maybe even hopelessness. How could a grassroots movement with so much evidence on its side lose to the same tired rhetoric of party politics? Remember that a midterm election is just one battle in a war of ideas that will be fought on many other fields. And today, into this war, Massachusetts has introduced a new weapon in its arsenal – a weapon, perhaps, not so much new, but certainly underutilized: The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.


Florida Health Care Freedom Act Returns

Rep. Scott Plakon’s  Florida Health Care Freedom Act is back and is being personally sponsored by Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolis.  The bill, HJR1 is a rarity in that senate presidents do not normally sponsor bills. Pinellas representative Lawrence Ahern is also a co-sponsor.

The Florida Health Care Freedom Act from last session was to be Amendment Nine on the November ballot but was disqualified by the Florida Supreme Court. ( view the text of the bill at :

That disqualification led to a campaign against Justices LaBarga and Perry by several groups including FL TAC where voters were encouraged to vote NO to retain these justices on the court. Regrettably, this campaign failed but the retention votes were less than the usual per centage justices normally obtain.  Florida’s justices should be on notice that retention is no longer a given for them and we in the Liberty movement are watching them and monitoring their decisions.