Mr. Kafka goes to Washington: TSA’s groping is torture

The TSA’s Kafkaesque groin groping and full-porn scanning, championed by Obama’s lackluster Cheney, Joe Biden, enters the realm of dominance, intimidation and sexual threat and knowledge that goes to the core of total government control: totalitarianism.

It is the sickly sister to torture; Drusilla, the undead – torture without the physical pain but with the humiliation and psychological disturbance and depersonalization and total dominance that is the essence of torture. It is the work of a government lost and disoriented like that in Kafka’s “In the Penal Colony”; a government sensing in a panic that its time in history is passing and it has lost control.


Sen. Allen Named Chairman of State Sovereignty Committee

State Senator Sylvia Allen has been appointed to the Chairman position of the newly-formed Border Security, Federalism, and State Sovereignty Committee in an announcement made by Senate President-elect Russell Pearce.

Senator Allen will be serving her 3rd term in the Arizona Senate and has shown her advocacy for Arizona state sovereignty in her support for several pieces of legislation, including Arizona’s Tenth Amendment Resolution, the Firearms Freedom Act that passed last year, and her introduction of the Cap and Trade legislation during the last session, called The Freedom-to-Breathe Act.

Quoted from the White Mountain Independent, Allen said: