Zombies Have Penetrated the Safe-house!

Have you ever watched a zombie movie before? What happens? A group of absolute strangers band together, ignore their differences and attempt to survive. One thing that usually happens is that the group of strangers hold-up in an abandoned house and board-up the windows to keep the flesh-eating zombies at-bay. What I want to show you is how we too, the citizenry of the greatest nation the world has ever known, are facing an army of well-placed un-dead. These zombies are just like your stereotypical zombies that are seen in the movies–they too feast on the living. Who are the zombies that roam the night devouring the living? One word–politicians.

You see, in this horror movie that you and I are living in, the safe-house is the Constitution. The Constitution is supposed to be a place of protection against human nature. In case you’ve neglected to examine history: human nature doesn’t have a good track record. Millions of people have died and been persecuted throughout the ages by the “zombies” that feast on power and the life’s-blood of humanity–freedom.