The Tenth Amendment Rendered Meaningless

If the governors of these United States don’t start stepping up to the plate in a more aggressive manner, the Tenth Amendment to the United States will be rendered meaningless. The constitution is already on life support, and the Tenth Amendment is the critical arguing point in this battle between centralized tyranny and local independence.

I shudder when I hear governors groveling at the altar of the federal government as Governor Elect Nikki Haley of South Carolina recently did when she asked the president to “allow South Carolina to opt out” of the healthcare bill. This is not constitutional leadership. We need our governors to start studying the history of this nation and start employing the same arguments that were made then, resulting in the Bill of Rights including the Tenth Amendment.


Anti-Nullification Professor to Student: “You’re a Traitor”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Tom Woods will be the keynote speaker at Nullify Now! in Cincinnati on 03-05-11 and Austin on 04-16-11. Click here to get tickets – – or call 888-71-TICKETS ******* The Intercollegiate Studies Institute recently held a very interesting debate at the University of Virginia on state nullification, between Allen Guelzo of Eastern…


10th Amendment Headlines

Jon Rappoport of News With Views has a story up about the proposed Texas bill that would Nullify Obamacare.  Jon is favorable to the idea summed up in this paragraph.

“If enough illegal federal laws are nullified by enough states, the emperor is going to look naked, because he is. He’s taxing people to pay for a whole host of laws that are unconstitutional. He keeps saying he needs more money, and it’s obvious this is a lie. What he really needs is less power. What he really needs is honest adherence to the Constitution. He gave all that up a long time ago.”


Chris Woodard of One News Now has a story about Tenth Amendment Legislation being introduced in the Senate by Senator Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi).