The Food Police State Act

Robert Scott Bell lets loose on the Food Police State Act (also as it relates to Obama-care, net-neutrality censorship), the truth behind the “negative” Echinacea study and a quick mention of the importance of fat on The Jerry Doyle Show earlier this week. Writes Robert: “I even snuck in the concept of nullification (I just…


A Simple Man

I consider myself a simple man that sees the world from a very practical perspective. I don’t believe things ever have to be as hard as they seem. It is probably why I am a conservative that leans libertarian. It makes simple sense to me that when we respect the individual’s right to be free, everything else makes total sense.

I think the founders were simple men. They were simple which is what made them brilliant. By looking at the world through the eyes of the individual they were able to see the future clearly. They also had a profound interest and curiosity for history and invention. They spent much of their time creating things to advance the industry of the day. Whether it was a better way to run the farm or creating the first tool to copy written documents, the polygraph, it was their passion as individuals to help other individuals improve their lives. They had little interest in running the lives of others. They had been there done that and decided there was a better way.