Nullifying the FCC

With the recent decision to set the internet free by controlling it more decision by the FCC I wonder if it is time to nullify the FCC. The FCC basically regulates the airwaves by handing out licenses that allow local broadcasters to use certain radio frequencies. This license basically comes with a list of regulation that the licensed broadcast station contractually agreed to when they purchased the license. Failure to comply with the FCC on anything means a possible revocation of that license which keeps any radio station under the thumb of the federal government.


Don’t surrender to EPA over-reach

An open letter to Rick Scott from the Florida Tenth Amendment Center:
 Don’t surrender to EPA over-reach.

Many Floridians who voted for you believe that Washington DC is out of control in its spending. Your 7-7-7 plan for Florida does a great job of pointing out that Tallahassee is likewise out of control in its spending.  We appreciate your willingness to have the difficult conversations, to not accept band-aid solutions, and to make tough choices. 

We’d like to congratulate you on the transparency of the work being done by your transition team and we’d like to applaud your commitment to refuse Federal money which has strings attached to permanently increase Florida’s spending. It seems that you are indeed ready to ‘get to work’ and we’re glad to see it.

But Floridians are looking to you for leadership not just to remedy Tallahassee’s issues but also to stand up to Washington where they have overstepped their constitutional authority. This brings us to one area in your 7-7-7 plan that we would like to provide some strong feedback: Environmental Protection.