2011: Some Personal Highlights

I wanted to share my personal list of top experiences and milestones from the past 12 months that have me going strong into the new year:

Nullify Now! Los Angeles – This event was possibly the most challenging Nullify Now! event of the entire tour.  The stakes were high- we could not allow anything short of our goal in our home city!  What we somehow pulled off was more festival than meeting, with live music, art on display, panoramic views and the hardest hitting Tom Woods speech of the entire tour.  Nearly 500 came to the event, at least 30% of which were young people.  It was a day I’ll never forget.

Fundraising Call Center – For the first time as an organization, we paid for help to raise money.  Nick Hankoff and Rajani Elek came in an made hundreds of calls to ask for financial support.  To our surprise, most of those calls ended with “thank you for calling me”.


The Time Has Come

As we all set our intentions for 2012, I want to leave you with a thought.

One of my many tasks at the Tenth Amendment Center is to spend some time getting to know our prospects- those who have volunteered to take on an organizational role with the Tenth Amendment Center.  Today, the recruit I was talking to said something that stuck with me:

“Well, it seemed clear that it’s time for me to go from reading about what’s happening, to doing something about it.”

As I see it, there are basically three categories of Americans:

The first, are those who go through life, believing everything that the establishment tells them.  This category is shrinking fast.


Tenther Year in Review

Add to iTunes Welcome to our special Tenther Radio “Year in Review” episode!  First, Michael Boldin and John Bush reviewed the “Most-Read Articles of 2011” from the Tenth Amendment Center Website.  And then, John Bush gave us an update on the Nullifcation: The Movie. The documentary will be premiering at the CPAC convention in Washington DC…


Free Kansas

The “revolution in a corn field” that is happening today in Governor Sam Brownback’s Kansas is potentially as important as what happened here in 1776. Because in the last two years the states have learned that they don’t have to do what the federal government tells them to do. They can think for themselves and govern themselves, just as Dorothy promised.

As the Washington Post reports with an excellent article titled “In Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback puts tea party tenets into action with sharp cuts”: “If you want to know what a Tea Party America might look like, there is no place like Kansas. In the past year, three state agencies have been abolished and 2,050 jobs have been cut. Funding for schools, social services and the arts have been slashed. The new Republican governor rejected a $31.5 million federal grant for a new health-insurance exchange because he opposes President Obama’s health-care law. And that’s just the small stuff.”


The Constitution and the Founders

The vision of our founders that was captured in the document we call the constitution is nothing short of a miracle. As we look at the political environment today, it is clear how truly brilliant our founders actually were. The Constitution was created to limit the government from controlling the lives of the governed. For the first time in history the people were put in charge of the government instead of government bureaucrats controlling the people.

You would never know we had a Constitution if you were dropped in this country from another planet. If you were a Founder who had risen from the grave this country’s operations would be an obvious indication the country had somehow been take over by a coup d etat. The obvious questions our Founders would have:

Who allowed the Federal Government to break the law of the constitution? This would have to be answered with We the People. We the people have ignored our duty to hold our politicians accountable to the law of the land. We are also responsible for electing politicians that have failed to abide by the Constitution.