We Want to be Our Own Masters!

The question has been asked “Who are you taking your country back from?” this is a very reasonable question, and deserves to be answered.

When you look at government through the lens of sovereignty the answer becomes clear. We were raised with the notion that we control our own lives, liberty, and happiness as long as we don’t deny others the same and play within the rules we get to keep those natural rights by virtue of our Creator; or our humanity as you will. Government was instituted to protect and defend those God given rights; our freedom does not originate from the bill of rights, the bill of rights is a restraining order on the Federal government.

To further protect our natural rights from government, power was divided into a compound republic (one with many parts) where each was to jealously guard its authority from the others and preserve the balance of that power so that no single part of the whole would become powerful enough to deny us those rights.


Left Wing Nationalism

Historicism, as this humble author understands it, is the belief that nations advance along a pre-selected historical timeline towards there eventual end. It assumes that each nation is locked into its path to its endpoint and that there is nothing anyone can do about it which is why we are constantly told by the far left that no person can have any idea outside a society’s own unique culture. Any thought an individual had simply did not originate from their own minds but from society’s own collective thought pool and the particular period in which we are suppose to be deriving those thoughts from are always the tiny segment on the historical timeline in which we happen to exist on in the present. It establishes that we are powerless to think anything other than what the historical moment dictates.

The natural result is that our thinking naturally evolves to a more perfect state as history moves forward. The eventual end was what that society was always advancing towards which was its own perfection but since each society has its own historicist timeline then each nation is advancing towards its version of perfection. This establishes an almost religious way of thinking within that society in that it establishes that there is a perfection that exists within that society and that good and evil is always defined as how close a person is to that end. This is why conservatism is linked to all of our nation’s evils while progressivism (liberals) is linked with those undoing those evils. They see themselves as undoing the old which is always evil and ushering in the new which is always the good since it brings our nation closer to its eventual end in which our society will reach perfection.