1984 in 2011

This process of continuous alteration was applied not only to newspapers, but to books, periodicals, pamphlets, posters, leaflets, films, sound tracks, cartoons, photographs–to every kind of literature or documentation which might conceivably hold any political or ideological significance. Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date…” 

George Orwell was as prophetic as anyone when he penned one of the greatest literary works in the history of man–1984. What is 1984? You should know; you LIVE in a quasi-1984 society. A society where Big Brother’s everywhere (or at the very least, has the technology in-place and the court precedents to spy on anyone, anywhere). A society in which you’re not to think, as a matter of fact, to think outside-the-box, to be libertarian, and to love liberty, these are seen as Thought-Crimes. You’re coming against the system and the system’s not happy about it.


Health Care Freedom Act Introduced in South Carolina

A flurry of Health Care Freedom Acts – both as bills and resolutions for state constitutional amendments – have been prefiled for the 2011 legislative session in South Carolina. As of this writing, there are currently 4 that have been introduced. The following are the bill numbers, links to the full text, and a brief overview of the direction of the legislation:

House Bill 3011 (H3011)

A resident of this State, regardless of whether he has or is eligible for health insurance coverage under any policy or program provided by or through his employer, or a plan sponsored by the State or the federal government, must not be required to obtain or maintain a policy of individual insurance coverage. No provision of this title renders a resident of this State liable for any penalty, assessment, fee, or fine as a result of the resident’s failure to procure or obtain health insurance coverage.”

Senate Bill 5 (S0005)


Nine Thousand Dollars

According to Wolfram|Alpha, the world population is 6.79 billion people and the annual global GDP is $60.63 trillion.  Divide $60.63 trillion dollars by 6.79 billion people and you get 8,929.31 dollars per person (per year). Remember this number when you hear people, especially those from the United Nations, talking about “redistribution of wealth“, ecojustice or…