Can the Tenth Amendment Unite Libertarians and Conservatives?

As I watch the blog wars between libertarians and conservatives I wonder if the tenth amendment can be the great unifier between these two political siblings. I say that these groups are political siblings because both belong on the same family tree. They both believe in limited government, property rights, and many other classical liberal ideas. This makes them related to each other much more than with modern liberals but the differences between the groups seems to have the power to break them up. Those differences are usually over social values.

Libertarians tend to believe a person’s social and moral values are an individual choice (this is my personal view as well) while conservatives believe they are a collective choice. Modern conservatives (as well as progressives) have taken away the moral choice over someone’s lives away from the individual and into the collective where each person sacrifices their own individual decision making power to the collective. This view is an affront to individual liberty but its going to be difficult to undo the feeling of wanting to purify the world from them.