Tenthers to the Right and Tenthers to the Left

While a barrage of state-level legislation on health freedom, firearms freedom and the like give many people the impression that Tenther ideology is somehow the exclusive purview of the political right, they often forget that state-level resistance to the 2005 Real ID act was spearheaded by the ACLU and states like Maine.

And, the classic “tenther” issue in the country today just might be state-level marijuana laws. 15 States – most recently Arizona – are actively defying congress, the DEA and a Supreme Court ruling that says marijuana is illegal…in every situation.


Obamacare: Stop the Hand-Wringing and Nullify!

Recently, two federal judges ruled in favor of Obamacare while a federal jurist in Virginia ruled against it. Huh? One must seriously question whether or not these guys are all reading the same Constitution I have before me.

In any event, I honestly cannot fathom nor can I abide all the needless hand-wringing and drama over the constitutionality of Obamacare. Of course it’s not constitutional! Going forward then, exactly what’s the most likely end game of the 20 or so Attorneys General who are suing the Administration over this latest federal intrusion in our lives?

First off, when our political system fails us, we should all remember that in the final analysis “we the people” are the final arbiters with respect to what is and what is not constitutional. Also, under the 9th and 10th Amendments, the States are implicitly within their constitutional authority to simply nullify any unconstitutional federal law, ruling or regulation. I won’t mince words here: anyone who disputes this assertion either is not an objective student of the Constitution or of American history, or is driven by an alien ideological agenda altogether.


I Think Therefore I am Free to Choose for Myself

Descartes was the French philosopher who thought of the saying “I think, therefore I am”. This simple slogan by a Frenchmen has been ridiculed in our modern age but not everything the French did was bad (yes I am being serious). It actually began the age of reason from which ideas of human individualism emerged.

He was one of the first people to tell people that if you do not understand an idea of another person then you have no right to believe it. He wasn’t saying don’t think but rather to rely on your own internal comprehension as the only comprehension because your thinking is the only thinking that defines your conscious existence. I THINK, THEREFORE I AM