Nebraska to Consider Health Care Freedom Act

Introduced in Nebraska last week is LB219, the Health Care Freedom Act. From the bill text:

(1) No individual, employer, or health care provider shall be compelled directly or indirectly to participate in a health care system.

(2)(a) Any person may make direct payment for a lawful health care service provided to him or her or his or her dependent without the imposition of any fine or penalty. An employer may make direct payment for a lawful health care service provided to an employee or such employee’s dependent without the imposition of any fine or penalty.

The goal? To form a state barrier against health insurance mandates coming from Washington DC.


Left Wing Tenther Movement Growing?

Last week, Illinois saw the introduction of House Bill 30 – an attempt to legalize the use of marijuana for certain medicinal purposes. If passed, Illinois would join 15 other states – most recently, Arizona – who are actively defying federal law in regards to marijuana.

Defiance just might be the best word for it, too. Laws on the books in Congress hold marijuana to be illegal under all circumstances. And, more importantly, a 2005 Supreme Court ruling gave the opinion that all state marijuana programs were illegal as well.

At the time that ruling came down (Gonzales v Raich), there were 10 states with active medical marijuana programs. How many of those states took the Supreme Court’s advice and shut down their programs? Count ’em. Zero. And 5 additional states have added on since then.

But, I digress.


Government Haters versus Government Lovers

Everytime I hear someone on the left speak its always ‘they hate government’ as if loving government was a virtue that makes us humane people and not loving it makes it seem like a psychological character flaw. It seems that loving government is mandatory for the left. The reason for this is that the left sees government as a caretaker of society much like a benevolent parent takes care of their children and only ungrateful children would treat it with disrespect.

This is the relationship the left has with government in that it has to care about them in the same way a child demands the parent takes care of them. Children are very demanding and they will hand over whatever power they have to the parent in order for its needs to be taken care of simply because the child has no choice. It’s not until the child gets older and has the ability to take care of themselves that it begins to rebel against the authority of its parents. This is why the leftist keep telling us that we can’t survive without government because that dependence maintains the infantile state in which we surrender our freedom to it. Perpetual childhood is where the authoritarians want to keep us in because children don’t have the power to disobey.