Nullify Now! Tour Wows Phoenix

from The New American Magazine

On Saturday, January 29, the Nullify Now! 2011 tour began with a bang in Phoenix, Arizona. Hundreds of people gathered at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Phoenix as the Tenth Amendment Center promoted nullification of unconstitutional acts by the federal government. With an array of reputable speakers like Arizona’s State Senator Sylvia Tenney Allen and The John Birch Society’s CEO, Art Thompson, the event proved to be an educational success.

A national tour sponsored by and the Tenth Amendment Center, Nullify Now! focuses on the Founding principles of the United States Constitution and educates attendees about the Tenth Amendment, as well as the powers of the state including that of nullification, and a variety of issues that can be resolved by state nullification.On Saturday, a number of speakers bemoaned the dwindling authority of the states as the federal government continues to grow, and promoted the philosophies of America’s Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who heavily supported powerful states over a powerful central government.


Good and Welfare Run Amok

Rob Natelson, author of The Original Constitution, talks with Rob Johnson WGST in Atlanta on 02-03-11 “This is supposed to be a government of limited powers” “The argument of the Obama administration that a Constitutional power to regulate activity means they can regulate inactivity…is absurd.” “The Supreme Court needs to get this straightened out otherwise…