Intrastate Commerce Act Advancing in Florida

The Florida Tenth Amendment Center and Florida Campaign for Liberty are pleased to announce that the Intrastate Commerce Act has secured a sponsor in the Senate and was filed on March 1, 2011 by Senator Greg Evers. The legislation will help Florida adhere to the separation of powers called for under the Tenth Amendment of the US constitution and will prevent the Federal Government from regulating Intrastate Commerce where a good or service is provided by Floridians to Floridians.

SB1478 has many advantages. Unlike various firearm freedom act and food freedom protection acts, the intrastate commerce act covers every item manufactured and used inside a sovereign state. And unlike the non-binding memorial currently being considered in the Florida House, SB1478 has the force of law and includes the ability to enforce penalties against Federal Agents who harass Florida businesses.

Recently Federal Judge in NW Florida ruled that the Federal Government had over-stepped its authority in forcing citizens of the states to purchase health insurance. Greg Evers has this to say about the ruling: