Texas vs the TSA: A Little Dignity for We the People

AUSTIN — A bill which aims to prohibit “enhanced pat-downs”  in Texas airports is being supported by an ever-growing coalition, including Texans for Accountable Government (TAG), an Austin-based activist group.

The bill, HB 1937 authored by Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview), is supported by a broad, trans-partisan coalition of nearly 40 Republican and Democratic Legislators, as well as a number of other groups concerned with individual liberty and privacy rights including TAG the Travis County Republican Party, the Travis County Libertarian Party, the Central Texas Republican Liberty Caucus. Simpson also has the backing of U.S. Congressman John Carter of Texas.
“Rep. Simpson’s bill is a prime example of the Texas Legislature fulfilling its duty to protect its constituents and both the Texas and U.S. Constitutions,” said Heather Fazio of TAG. “When our own federal government is overseeing such an intrusion of personal rights, it becomes the responsibility of the states to keep that power in check — which is exactly what this bill does.”


Maine Bill Would Nullify Unconstitutional Intrastate Commerce Laws

A bill has been introduced by Representative Mel Newendyke (R-Litchfield) that, if passed, would nullify all Federal laws that violate the Constitution by regulating intrastate commerce laws. The Tenth Amendment states that all laws not specifically given to the Federal Government or prohibited to the States, are then left to the States and the people.…