He’s Not Your Commander In Chief, Dennis Miller!

While watching The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News recently, I heard Dennis Miller say to Bill O’Reilly that President Obama is “my commander in chief.” Ummm…no he’s not Dennis. Now someone might accuse me of being hypercritical, but I assure you, I’m not trying to slam Dennis Miller. However, his statement really bothers me and it should concern…


Trashing the Constitution to Bomb Libya

Michael Maharrey on the air, Baldy and the Blonde, in New Orleans on 03-23-11. From the show website: O-Bomb-Away trashes the Constitution to bomb Libya, taking his orders from the UN, and Mike Maharrey from the Tenth Amendment Center joins us to suggest solutions to the Big Brother society we live in. www.tenthamendmentcenter.com Vinny Ravioli…


GOP Failure; Again…

The Grand Old Party is anything but grand. The freshman republicans that were sent to congress with a mandate to cut, cut, and cut the budget until it bled are being stifled by the Republican Party. Hugh Hewitt would say it is a leadership failure, I say it is a party failure. You see, party politics is about power. The power to control the process and purse of government where the purse is what is used to pay the supporters and voters for votes. Principle be damned.

In some ways the leadership is a problem but all too often party trumps principle. The GOP leadership has failed to deliver in the short term because they are strategizing to win a majority in both houses and the presidency in 2012. That strategy is a party first strategy. I am not sure the GOP will ever be able to act on principle. What is bound to happen is a rejection of the GOP because even though the party leaders think it is all about 2012, the voters that put them there are all about today.