Tenth Amendment Legislation Needs Support

In our post, Pennsylvania Legislature Joins the TSA Resistance Movement, we told you about Pennsylvania’s House Resolution 16 and House Bill 852.  Both of these items were offered by Representative Tallman in resistance to the TSA’s Unconstitutional airport screening measures.  These pieces of legislation are currently referred to the State Government Committee.

House Resolution 49, Pennsylvania’s House State Sovereignty Resolution which was introduced by Representative Swanger, is also referred to the State Government Committee.

We have been advised that the State Government Committee will be meeting with regards to the TSA legislation on this Wednesday, March 30, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.


Good Morning American Citizen…

“Good Morning Dave…” This was the cold voice of a machine that went insane and killed everyone in 2001: A Space Odyssey. It terrified the audience because the audience knew that the computer was now in control of the ship and they were at its mercy. The crew lost control because the machine was no longer bound by the crew’s own programming. The machine started to write its own program as it wanted and ignored the crew’s own instructions.

The classical liberal view of the law is that it was like a computer program and the government is like the computer that runs the program. This allowed the people to remain in control of the machinary of the state as long as the government executed the law precisely as the people instructed it to.