Utah puts the Fiat Dollar on Notice

Earlier this month, we reported on the sound money bill which the Utah legislature passed. Last Friday, Governor Herbert signed this bill into law.

The core component of this new law is the legalized recognition of gold and silver coins (issued by the federal government) as legal currency within the state. They may be used voluntarily by consenting parties, and rather than recognizing the face value of the coin (a horribly distorted metric of the coin’s worth), the market price of the gold or silver content is recognized as its value.


Obama, Levin wrong on war powers

The Constitution is the set of rules that governs the federal government.  It’s authorized to exercise only those powers delegated to it, and nothing more.

Obama would have us believe that the decision on whether or not to start a war rests on his decision alone.  Rob Natelson, one of the nation’s leading experts on the framing and adoption of the Constitution, shows us in his new article that this view is little more than a crock.


Sadly, though, Obama and the elite left aren’t the only ones that hold this view.  Many prominent conservatives do too…and they’ve been advocating such a position for a long, long time.

Mark Levin is possibly the best example.  A champion of limited government for many conservatives, he has betrayed the constitution for many years by pushing the Obama line…that this country should go to war not on the decision of the People of the country (through their representative) but instead, on the decision of one person alone.

King George would’ve agreed.  And Joe Stalin would’ve jumped for joy at his triumph over limited, constitutional government.


NJ Nullification Project and Tom Woods Event

Our NJ Nullification project is moving out of development and into practice.                The purpose is to educate the citizens of NJ on State Nullification and why it must be used to protect our liberty.  Our Legislators are very much part of this endeavor. Partners in this effort include Tea Party and 912 Groups who are equally determined to spread this message statewide. 

This effort involves nullification power point presentations to groups around NJ,  use of media including Youtube videos, BlogTalk Radio and all other forms of communication.   Your voice is extremely important in helping us spread the word.  Please do what you can to help us promote State Nullification by contacting your legislators, calling radio shows, writing to local newspapers, etc….