How about some diversity?

We’ve become a nation obsessed with diversity.

One can rarely pick up a newspaper or magazine, or tune in to radio or TV news programming without running into someone touting the value of diversity. As a nation, we’ve come to embrace the importance of recognizing different cultures, religions and ways of thinking.

This isn’t a bad thing.

Acknowledging other points of view, embracing new methods of problem solving and taking the time to consider things outside of our own realm of experience enriches our society. Failing to recognize diversity shuts us off from points of view that could conceivably offer solutions to problems and make our community a better place.

Philosopher J.S. Mill would love the diversity movement today. Mill wrote extensively on the importance of a robust “marketplace of ideas”, arguing that we need to entertain alternate opinions because ideas we find initially distasteful might just prove true.


Recent Media: NY Times, USA Today and more

Here’s a quick roundup of some recent media coverage, and a few additional thoughts too…

USA Today – 02-28
John Adams – not that one, the journalist – did a pretty solid job of reporting….actually giving both sides pretty much equal space.

Michael Boldin, executive director of the Los Angeles-based Tenth Amendment Center, disagrees. The center advocates for states rights based on the U.S. Constitution’s 10th Amendment — that powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to the states by the Constitution are reserved to the states or the people.

Boldin said states already have proven their ability to nullify federal law. He points to 15 states that have openly defied federal drug laws by legalizing medical marijuana and 25 states that refused to implement the 2005 REAL ID Act, a law creating a national identification card.

“When enough people say no to Washington, D.C., and enough states pass laws backing them up, there’s not much Washington, D.C., can do to enforce those laws,” Boldin said.

Just a brief mention in the New York Times on 02-28-11:


Supreme Court gets the Constitution right, for once

In an overwhelming 8-1 decision, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the odious Westboro Baptist Church and the First Amendment. That is, the amendment which protects ALL speech, not just politically-correct, state-approved speech. Bravo. The nine highest-paid federal judges in the land have proved themselves capable of comprehending the plain language of the Constitution. Why then,  we…


Texas Legislation Proposes Felony Charges for TSA Agents

cross-posted from the Texas Tenth Amendment Center

Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview) introduced a package of bills into the Texas House of Representatives on Tuesday that would challenge the TSA’s authority in a number of ways. The first bill, HB 1938, prohibits full body scanning equipment in any Texas airport and provides for criminal and civil penalties on any airport operator who installs the equipment. The second bill, HB 1937, criminalizes touching without consent and searches without probable cause.

HB 1938 reads in part:

(b) An airport operator may not allow body imaging scanning equipment to be installed or operated in any airport in this state.

(c) An airport operator commits an offense if the operator fails to comply with Subsection (b).

(d) An airport operator who commits an offense under Subsection (c) is subject to a civil penalty in an amount not to exceed $1,000 for each day of the violation.

HB 1937 includes the following:


Government Intrusion Making us Sick

Pfizer recently announced reducing its budget for the research and development of new life saving drugs by a whopping $2 billion dollars. Even if the money and jobs doesn’t concern you because you hate big “Pharma”, evil corporate executives, and capitalism in general, the new drugs that may have been developed to save your life one day are on life support.

Capitalism is simple; investment is made when rewards can be realized. The rewards are profits that can be used to pay people to develop more products to make more profits. The outcome is jobs, investment, charity, and overall economic growth. The reason the company has made this decision is based on the reality of the FDA’s over bearing regulations that will most likely make any of these investments into new drugs a total waste of time. The company does not believe any drugs in the future will be approved by the FDA. So the investment being made is unlikely to be realized. In the real world what that means is an assault on our system; capitalism.


The Core Political Values of the Founders

In his book, The Original Constitution-What It Actually Said and Meant, published by the Tenth Amendment Center; Professor Rob Natelson lists on page 18 a summary of the Founder’s core political values and principles:

Liberty, in the sense of Lockean natural rights, Effective government, Republican government, decentralization, and fiduciary government.

It is this last, fiduciary government, for over a century now cast aside by all three branches of the general government, that should have prevented the spawning of “alphabet agencies” and the misery they bring to the citizenry.

On page 23, Professor Natelson writes;


Action Alert: SB498 Obamacare Nullification may not even get a Hearing in Oregon

I went to Salem with Art Crino (from 912) today to discuss sb498 (obamacare nullification) and the feeling we got from the members of the Healthcare committee was not good. One member even confided in us that he did not even think it would come up for a hearing in committee (much less make…


The States are Showing some Guts

Walter Williams talks about nullification as a guest host on the Rush Limbaugh show, 02-28-11 “The states are beginning to get some gets – in terms of doing something that the founders would have surely supported…and that is the doctrine of state nullification.” “I support states nullifying unconstitutional practices by the federal government.” More reading:…