Idaho Senate says no to federal health care

April 5, 2011,

BOISE – On Tuesday, the Idaho Senate passed a bill that would effectively slow down implementation of the federal health care act in the state.

Nicknamed the “grandson of nullification”, HB 298 passed the Senate 24-11. The House approved the measure in March, and the bill will head for the governor’s desk.

The bill targets the discretionary aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and bars the state from implementing non-mandated aspects of the plan for one year. It also prevents the state from accepting federal money to implement the plan.

(2) No department, agency or political subdivision of the state of Idaho shall establish any program, promulgate any rule, policy, guideline or plan or change any program, rule, policy or guideline to implement discretionary provisions of the PPACA.


North Dakota to DC: Back Off!

The North Dakota legislature has a message to send to Washington DC by passing House Concurrent Resolution 3015 (HCR3015) – cease and desist!

The resolution passed the House in February by a vote of 57-36, and yesterday, the Senate concurred by a voice vote. From the text of the resolution:

this resolution serves as notice and demand to the federal government to cease and desist, effective immediately, mandates that are beyond the scope of constitutionally delegated powers

The Plains Daily reports that HCR3015 “will now by signed by the Governor and then delivered by the ND Secretary of State to President Obama, the Supreme Court justices, the President of the US Senate, Speaker of the US House, and the ND Congressional delegation, as well as all the judges of the US 8th Circuit court of appeals.”


Rand Paul Rises

It is interesting how well and how fast Rand Paul, the new senator from Kentucky, has fit in. He comes after long advance in the tail of his father Ron Paul, who might be considered the Father Abraham of the Tea Party Movement. His speeches on the Senate floor are thoughtful, informed with history and tradition and appropriate to current events and so are his frequent conversations with Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox Business. He calls on the heroic Cassius M. Clay as his avatar, the Kentucky anti-slavery iconoclast, who placed a Bible and Bowie Knife on the podium before he spoke and frequently used the Bowie Knife. And time appears to be opening up to him.

The invasion of Libya presents the perfect possible political moment to him. Father Ron railed daily against the invasion of Iraq, but America at first required vengeance. We are not a commonly vengeful people, but will respond as the bard Toby Keith so poignantly put it at the time, with “a boot in the ass” when we are injured, and that more than anything perhaps represented the heartland feelings about the Iraq war and 9/11. But Ron Paul had what might be called a “higher law” vision and it has now captivated almost 40% of younger Republicans.