Tenther presidential candidates getting press in Florida

Some Florida media outlets are pointing out that Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are Tenthers. Their support of the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution is likely to resonate among Florida’s voters.

“Obama won America’s biggest swing state by 3 percentage points in 2008, and he has signaled he will fight hard for the state again in 2012. Already, it’s clear that he has considerable work to do to make his incumbency an asset, rather than a liability, in a Florida that has drifted more conservative than even four years ago.” (Ron Sachs quoted in Tampa Bay News).

The Feb 2011 CPAC straw poll demonstrated the enthusiasm that conservative voters have for tenth amendment supporters like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, who both featured in the top three when pitted against well known GOP favorites like Bachman, Cain, Huckabee, Palin, Romney, and Santorum.