Texas TSA Nullification Update

by Jacob Huebert

Back in March, I reported on several pieces of proposed legislation that would ban pornoscanners and hold TSA agents accountable for their sexual assaults in Texas.

The campaign took a big step forward last week as the pornoscanner bill made its way out of the Texas House Transportation Committee with a unanimous recommendation for passage by the committee members. This happened thanks to efforts by Norman Horn and other libertarian student activists who learned that the bill was about to die in committee and, with just 48 hours to save it, bombarded the relevant legislators (if I may employ an oxymoron) with phone calls and e-mails.


New England Nullification Movement Grows

Back in March, the town of Sedgwick, Maine courageously voted to nullify certain unconstituional federal regulations dealing with local food production. The ordinance was passed in response to S.510, the odious Food Safety and Modernization Act, written by agricorps like Monsanto to put their smaller competitors out of business, and passed by Congress under the cover…