DOJ Threat to Texas is a Threat to ALL

This threat to Texas is aimed at all of us.
You may be aware of what is happening in Texas now with regard to their anti-TSA bill and the new threat from the federal government. Pressure from the public can make a difference! Let’s show Texas we’re with them in this fight!

It’s vitally important for the public to realize the falsehood of the TSA and DOJ’s use of the Supremacy Clause to justify their actions. Federal “laws” arising from outside the delegated powers in the Constitution are not made “in pursuance thereof” and therefore are simply not the supreme law of the land. They would also have us believe the supremacy clause gives them the ability to dismiss our Fourth Amendment rights. The Federal Government will prevail only if We the People allow it. Stand with Texas now.

Informational links and New Jersey’s anti-TSA legislation summary are below.


Will Rick Perry Stand for States Rights?

May 31st, 2011 With Special Session called, Texans urge Governor Perry to stand by his states’ rights position by including HB 1937 (TSA groping bill) Austin, TX – Having been betrayed by the Texas Senate, a coalition is organizing to encourage Governor Perry to include HB1937 as part of the upcoming special session. The coalition…


Tentherism in a Nutshell

The minute you tell someone that you are a tenther, they assume that you are a conservative, because the Tenth Amendment has a lot to do with state’s rights. This much is true – tenthers are conservatives. But a different kind of conservative.

It is the kind of conservative that may believe in laws that regulate our behavior, but really doesn’t care what laws people implement in other states. A tenther assumes that I can ban drugs in my own state, but California is free to do otherwise. It seems to resemble libertarianism, but even some libertarians are OK with allowing a single government to rule over the entire society. And because of this they attempt to implement their ideas on that level.

A tenther can be a communist, a liberal, a conservative, a social conservative, or a libertarian. A tenther simply embraces the idea that everyone shouldn’t live under the same political authority. This allows different political positions to exist under the banner of tentherism, as long as each ideological position adheres to the idea that political authority is limited to a small geographic area within the larger society.

Each one of these positions will naturally dissolve in favor of individualism, because the minute you realize you are powerless over the entire whole of society, you stop attempting to use the political authority to make other people conform to your will. It becomes pointless to change the world through political power if that political power doesn’t exist over the entire world itself.