Nullification In Connecticut: Senate Passes Marijuana Decrim Bill

Connecticut took a step toward joining a number of states, including neighboring New York and Massachusetts, that are standing up to the federal government and nullifying federal penalties for simple possession of cannabis through decriminalization initiatives. While decriminalization is not the same as legalization, it does take away the threat of a criminal record and…


Obamacare is NOT “necessary and proper”

The Independence Institute has filed amicus briefs in two of the anti-Obamacare cases.  The briefs focus specifically on the Necessary and Proper Clause (I-8-18), which the Obama administration inaccurately claims justifies federal control of health care. The briefs survey the original meaning of the Necessary and Proper Clause, based on my research and that of…


The Tea Party Is a Brown-Shirt Movement, Mostly

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It was obvious in the beginning of 2009 when all of a sudden many of them sprung up crying out for their liberty, after years of silence under the fascist Bush administration. They focused on culture-war hot buttons and symbolic battles while ignoring the programs that actually threatened fiscal catastrophe: Medicare and Social Security, which the older demographic behind this movement tended always to support since they guaranteed their status as tax feeders. Meanwhile, most of the Tea Party types complained that Obama the alleged Marxist Muslim wasn’t murdering enough people abroad, torturing and detaining enough Muslims and enemies of the state, or deporting enough people for the crime of crossing the border—although in every case, Obama has actually been like Bush but more so.

Now a big Tea Party leader says, on behalf of her movement, that they will support any Republican in 2012—even Mitt Romney, the socialist who doesn’t even have a better position on free market health care than Obama. This is a partisan and hypocritical movement, as many on LRC warned from the beginning (Ryan McMaken and I sounded the alarm more than two years ago; Laurence Vance warned about it consistently, even up to the 2010 election;Lew Rockwell told us to brace ourselves for betrayal). Regime libertarians have been praising this movement for two years, but LRC writers always saw through the subterfuge.