Want to Understand the World? Read These Books

Here’s my short list of books I would recommend to someone who is interested in the ideas on this site and wants to learn more.  If you read and absorb these books you will never look at the world the same way again.

If you’re like me, you are annoyed by books that teach you three new things.  My time is limited.  I like books that are full of things I didn’t know, or ideas I’d never thought of.

The books I recommend below belong in that category.  They teach you something new and unexpected on every page.  And they are a perfect antidote to the propaganda fed to us in the ideological prison camps where most of us spent our formative years.  I list them in no particular order.


My Take on the Evil of Centralized Power

My beliefs might be controversial.  I don’t care.   This country needs a good controversy if it is to be restored.

More and more people are writing things which demonstrate that they are coming to grips with a truism, and this truism is that it isn’t about left vs. right; it’s about the lengths to which people will go to make money.   Government is not a function of the people.  It is an investment tool.   If you can buy legislation, you can open new markets, exploit more people and amass even greater wealth.   Money makes the world go ’round.   They don’t write laws (like Obamacare) and ignore established laws (like the Constitution) because there’s no profit in it.   Trust me.  There is huge profit in law-making and law-breaking.  And our politicians are all bought and paid for.   They will let their masters suck blood from the masses all the way to the brink of collapse.   (TARP, anyone?)

Take, for example, securing our borders.   If anyone thinks either the left or the right wants to secure our borders, they are sorely, sorely mistaken.   We have 1969 miles of border to the south.   What would it cost to put a patrol officer every half mile around the clock, with the responsibility, “Guard the 1,250 feet to your left and the 1,250 feet to your right?”

Honestly, I don’t have an exact figure, but let’s say there are 3 shifts in a day and that each shift would cost $40,000 a year.   That’s $120,000 per post, times 4,000 posts.  At that rate, the cost would be $480 million.  You can double, triple or even quadruple the math if you wish.   It’s still chump change, considering our multi-trillion dollar budget.   So, don’t let politicians from any side say it is not practical to patrol our borders.   It’s bull.

The sordid truth behind the scenes is that the establishment feigns its incompetence to deal with the immigration problem, but to them, it is not a problem.  It is an opportunity.  Their failure to control it is by design, much like as described in this article about achieving unpopular goals by design while pretending incompetence.  And fresh off the press….  Obama is relaxing border control even more.  (Recall McCain and Bush promoted amnesty).