More states defying feds on no child left behind act

From the Associated Press: At least three states are vowing to ignore the latest requirements under the No Child Left Behind law in an act of defiance against the federal government that demonstrates their growing frustration over an education program they say sets unrealistic benchmarks for schools. The law sets a goal of having 100…


PA-13 Rep. Allyson Schwartz – Balanced Budgets are “Extreme”

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Personally, I’m not big on the balanced budget amendment either.  I think the 2/3 override vote will become a “rubber stamp” for future congresses (if there’s one thing both parties can agree on, it’s spending money!) and Constitutionally limited spending would be less than 18% of GDP anyway.  Rep. Schwartz’ commentary is stunning, though.  Balancing the budget is an “extreme ideological demand”?  I would have guessed that continuing to spend ourselves into poverty would be be the “extreme” position.  Silly me…  Have to brush up on my newspeak, I guess.

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PolitiFact Florida Truth-O-Meter: Right on Haridopolis Tweet, Wrong On Constitution

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In Fridays July 15th,2011 St.Pete Times, the PolitiFact Florida Truth- O- Meter takes issue with a tweet from Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolis. The tweet reads:Florida’s proposed Health Care Freedom Act “will allow Floridians to opt out of Obama’s govt. takeover of healthcare!”

You can read the original article at:

Florida Tenth Amendment Center has another take on both the Haridopolis tweet and Florida Truth-O-Meter’s story. Both are truth-challenged on the meter measure.

In this case, the good folks at Truth-O-Meter get it half right. The tweet certainly proves false. But the lie-detecting journalists at the St. Petersburg Times totally miss the reason for the falsehood, and completely mangle the Constitution in the process.

There is no truth in the Haridopolis tweet. When questioned by Truth-O-Meter reporters, ALEC, (American Legislative Exchange Council) the inspirational source of Florida’s Health Care Freedom Act, Truth-O-Meter says: “But the organization says that the state laws and constitutional amendments have no immediate impact on implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act. They only pave the way for a court battle, should the law ultimately be ruled constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.”  Truth-o-Meter continues: “Does it allow Floridians to opt out if it’s successful? Yes,” said Christie Herrara, director of ALEC’s health task force. “A lawsuit would have to be filed.”
“In other words, the “opt out,” would come as the result of a legal challenge by states that would argue their constitutions prohibit the implementation of the federal health care law.”