Terminating the Small Business Administration

An essay on terminating the Small Business Administration has been added to Cato’s Downsizing Governmentwebsite. Some highlights: Established in 1953, the agency had earned the nickname “Small Scandal Administration” by the mid-70s. President Reagan’s budget director, David Stockman, called it a “billion dollar waste—a rat hole” that benefited few small businesses, while distorting credit markets. Unfortunately, both Republicans…


Sheriff Mack to DC: Leave us the Hell Alone!

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Hosts Michael Boldin and John Bush talk with Sheriff Richard Mack. They discuss Mack’s famous supreme court case against the Clinton administration in the 1990s, his personal journey during that time, the role and duty of the sheriff in nullifying unconstitutional acts from the federal government, the message he gave as keynote speaker at Nullify Now! Phoenix, and the need to refuse enforcement of bad and stupid laws in the spirit of Rosa Parks. His book, “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope,” is a more detailed position on these issues.

Sheriff Mack to DC: “Shove it up 1600 Pennsylvania, and leave us the hell alone!”


Author/speaker and former sheriff Richard Mack has served in a wide variety of roles over the course of his nearly twenty year career in law enforcement, which began in Provo, Utah.


Nullification Movie Trailer

“…That the several states who formed that instrument, [the Constitution] being sovereign and independent, have the unquestionable right to judge of its infraction; and, That a nullification, by those sovereignties, of all unauthorized acts done under color of that instrument, is the rightful remedy…” Thomas Jefferson A documentary film about an idea whose time has…