Tenther Radio 08-17-11. Curtman, Opsommer, Tjaden

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We’re honored to have as the show’s guests, Paul Curtman, Paul Opsommer, and Doug Tjaden

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Paul R. Curtman was elected in November 2010 as a State Representative. Paul represents parts of Franklin, Jefferson and St. Louis Counties (District 105) in Missouri. Curtman will be a featured speaker at Nullify Now! Kansas City.

Defeating the designated “unwinnable” seat of a third-term Democrat incumbent, Paul and his team campaigned tirelessly on the principles of the Constitution and believes that freedom does not belong to one political party. He authored his first book, Don’t Tread on Me, in 2010 and is one of the most requested conservative speakers in the Midwest. Paul is a member of Cornerstone Church in Wildwood where he also serves as the assistant youth director. Born April 21, 1981 in Flint, Michigan, Paul resides in Pacific.


Federal Job Training Follies

It’s darkly comical that the same entity responsible for killing countless private sector jobs with its taxes and regulations operates job training programs. Cato has been documenting the failures of federal job training programs for decades, but “do something” policymakers in Washington refuse to accept the reality that they’re not the solution to problems that they help create.

Here’s James Bovard from a 1986 Cato policy paper on “The Failure of Federal Job Programs”:

Federal job-training programs have harmed the careers of millions of Americans, failed to impart valuable job skills to the poor, and squandered billions of dollars annually. For 25 years, government programs have warped work ethics, helped disillusion generations of disadvantaged youth, and deluged America with fraudulent statistics. After spending over a hundred billion dollars on manpower programs we have learned little or nothing: today’s programs merely repeat the mistakes of the early 1960s. Federal programs have reduced the incomes of millions of trainees and have helped create a growing underclass of permanently unemployed Americans.

We can now make that 50 years.