Help for Gibson Guitars

The following is a letter I sent to both the Lt. Governor and Governor of Tennessee…


Dear Lt Gov Ramsey,

I have recently become aware of an ARMED federal raid on Gibson Guitars’ manufacturing facilities in Memphis and Nashville that took place on 24 August.  Despite evidence provided by Gibson that they are in compliance with the laws allegedly broken, the federal government refuses to drop the matter.

For more details, please follow this link:

While I live in Louisiana, how this conflict is resolved will affect me (and other States).  For if the federal government can act with this kind of violence and lawlessness toward my sister State of Tennessee without repercussion, then it is not a matter of IF such violations will happen again but WHEN and WHERE.


Duty to Resist Federal Intrusion on Sovereignty

by Ed Martin

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ed Martin, 2012 candidate for US Congress in Missouri, sent the following letter to the entire state legislature in an effort to enumerate the role of a US Senator in the state’s effort to assert sovereignty.


Dear Governor Nixon,

Recently, on behalf of all Missourians, you accepted over $20 million from the federal government to facilitate the implementation of Obamacare insurance exchanges.  I believe this was a mistake and I encourage you to send the money back and to refuse to take any action to implement Obamacare because the law is outside of the jurisdiction of the federal government  as defined by the United States Constitution.

If you do return the money and fight implementation, I pledge my support for your efforts.

I address this letter to you in your capacity as the senior elected official of the state of Missouri according to the Missouri Constitution.  I hope that this letter challenges your thinking.  With this letter, I offer you my commitment to assist you in protecting the liberty of the people of Missouri should I be elected to serve as United States Representative from Missouri’s Second Congressional District and you are re-elected to the office of governor.

It is obvious to me that significant changes have taken place in the relationship between  Missourians and our federal government – changes that  have diminished their liberty and are   not in the interest of Missourians or our nation.

First, the federal government has far outgrown its intended boundaries regarding its powers and the Constitution. Our federal representatives are cobbling together an ever more intrusive and expensive labyrinth of regulations, laws and mandates by asserting authority never granted to them by the states.

Second, our elected officials have, for too long, acquiesced to federal overreach; this acquiescence occurs out of self-interest, disinterest, or misunderstanding. The elected officials charged with protecting the sovereignty of  Missourians – namely our state elected officials as well as our  two United States Senators and the eight United States Representatives  (as of January 2013) – have not been up to the task.

I believe the time has come to begin the long work to restore the proper balance between the states and the federal government.  Toward that end, I offer you my solemn pledge to fight for the liberty of “We the people of Missouri” and to stop the over-reaching federal government in any way I can.  I pledge to assist and advocate for you in your efforts as Governor of Missouri should I be elected as a United States Representative from Missouri in 2012.

Early this year, Americans marked the first anniversary of the Affordable Care Act,  commonly known as Obamacare.  Most Americans now recognize this federal takeover of health care as an unwelcome intrusion and a dramatic overreach by the federal government.  Our own state’s clear repudiation of Obamacare in August 2010 along with the general election results in November 2010, ought to have meant the end of this scheme; however, with a divided Congress, repealing Obamacare seems as remote today as it seemed the day after passage.


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