On Waste in the Justice Department

An audit released last week by the Department of Justice’s inspector general details wasteful and extravagant spending at DOJ conferences under both the Bush and Obama administrations. Stories about waste in government programs are as common as ants, but this one appears to have struck a nerve across the country—perhaps because the president is trying to convince us that Washington needs more money.

Yesterday I discussed the issue of $16 muffins at DOJ conferences on radio stations from California to New York, with points in between. The most common question I received was, “How can wasteful spending be stopped?” As I told listeners, the only way to stop it is to not give the offending agency or program any more money. Otherwise, government employees will continue wasting money for the simple reason that it isn’t their money. And because the government isn’t a business, politicians and government employees don’t have to be concerned with improving the bottom line. In short, there’s little incentive for the government not to waste money.


The Necessary and Proper Clause Grants no Power at all

One way apologists for the modern federal monster state attempt to justify it constitutionally is to argue that the Necessary and Proper Clause (Article I, Section 8, Clause 18) is an “elastic clause” conferring vast “implied” power on Congress. Actually, as Constitution’s advocates during the ratification battles made clear, the Necessary and Proper Clause grants…


Ron Paul: The Only Choice Worth a Trip to the Ballot Box

It took me a long time to give up on politics.   If I vote in any presidential primary or election this time around, it will likely be because Ron Paul was lucky enough to still remain on the ballot by the time the elections are held in Texas.

I wish it did not take me so long to warm up to Paul’s ideas.   In part, I blame me for that.  But I also blame the media.

Paul has been around for a long time.   The media has made him out to be the joke of campaigns.   That’s the media’s fault.   However, my fault has been lapping up the idiotic media propaganda for so many years.   I am not unlike a lot of people.   When the people laugh and cajole someone who is different, it is natural to want to join in on the side who is doing the laughing and cajoling.   It is nothing more than a natural need to feel like one belongs to some “superior” crowd – more appropriately, it is “gang mentality.”

I am not saying that everything Paul says is something with which I wholeheartedly agree.   He has a few positions that lead me to question whether they are right or workable, but I find it very easy to step back and evaluate Paul from a big picture perspective.

First.   He is genuine and consistent.   Where are those string video compilations of Paul’s long line of flip-flops?   To my knowledge, they do not exist.   Compare this fact, alone, to all the other candidates.   Paul +1.

Second, Paul has capably predicted the direction of our nation when pretty much everyone else was either ignorant, delusional, or in denial.   Take a look at this video and this video, for examples.   Paul +1.