Obama Starts a Civil War on Drugs

California legalized medical marijuana for seriously ill patients in 1996 and it is now legal in 16 states and DC.  However, the Obama Administration wants to shut down pot dispensaries in California.

Obama’s renewed ‘War on Drugs’ is ironically led by the Department of Justice while they are currently trying to cover-up the Gunwalker/Fast & Furiousscandal that involves the federal government handing military-style assault weapons over to Mexican drug cartels.  The guns have been used to murder people on both sides of the border.

More than 42,000 people have been killed in drug related violence in Mexico since their president Felipe Calderon stepped up his ‘War on Drugs’ in 2006.

Legalization of drugs will end drug trade related violence.

The US ‘War on Drugs’ is an abject failure that costs US taxpayers $15 billion a year, or $500 a second.  The ‘War on Drugs’ has wrongly imprisoned tens of millions of non-violent American drug users and costs taxpayers almost $200 billion a year.

If the federal government was sincere about stopping drug use, they would end the CIA’s drug smuggling adventures.

The federal government’s enhanced War on Drugs is not really about drugs, it’s about crushing States Rights under the Tenth Amendment and generating mega-profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

Ron Paul endorses ending the War on Drugs.


California legalized medical marijuana, despite federal government attempts to stop the State, but California nullified the federal drug law under the 10th Amendment.  In 2005, California lost the federal Supreme Court case against medical marijuana.  But California nullified the federal Supreme Court power grab, thus setting a precedent for ignoring the Supreme Court when they fail to follow the Constitution. 


I Guess Maybe Some Things Never Change

Sound Familiar? Give Me Liberty, by Rose Wilder Lane (1936) “…In 1933 a group of sincere and ardent collectivists seized control of the Democratic Party, used it as a means of grasping Federal power, and enthusiastically, from motives which many of them regard as the highest idealism, began to make America over.   The Democratic Party…


Federal Workers’ Compensation Incompetence

A recent report from the U.S. Postal Service’s inspector general found that workers’ compensation costs for postal employees are unnecessarily high. The reasons according to the audit are stale federal laws and bureaucratic ineptitude at the USPS and the Department of Labor.

The DOL administers workers’ compensation claims for federal employees – including postal employees – under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA). Workers’ compensation costs the USPS over a $1 billion a year and it pays the DOL millions of dollars in administrative fees. According to the audit, “the Postal Service’s average workers’ compensation cost per employee workhour was 95 cents compared to the private sector range of 42 to 67 cents.” The inspector general estimates that the USPS could conservatively save $335 million a year if it kept its workers’ compensation costs in line with the private sector.

That’s the insurmountable problem: the government isn’t a private sector business. The latter has to control its costs and please its customers. In contrast, the federal government obtains its revenues through coercion and force, and its ability to spend is only limited by how much it can confiscate and borrow.

A couple of examples from the audit illustrate the difference: