Special Event: Live GOP Debate Coverage on Wednesday Night

Please join us for special edition of TRX: Tenther Radio on November 9, 2011 right here – listen live by clicking the play button at that time on the right. Join the conversation with your comments and questions by calling 213.785.7848.

Hosts Michael Boldin and Nick Hankoff will be in-studio in Los Angeles to give LIVE post-debate coverage from the Republican Debates.

NOTE: This show will start broadcasting AFTER the GOP Debate, starting approximately 6:30PM Pacific Time and running for 90 minutes


The Proper Role of Government

When a government is performing its proper duties, the people enjoy enjoy liberty and are personally responsible to respect the rights of one another. When a group or an individual violates the life, liberty or property of another iit is the responsibility of the government to take action to protect the citizen’s rights. When a…