Nullification sees steady growth in Missouri

Two months may seem like a long time in the political arena, when loyalties can swing wildly from week-to-week, financial woes may cripple, and the most vocal of activists quails at the possibility of some serious work. But for the past two months in Missouri, when the August 20, 2011 Kansas City Nullify Now event injected a much needed Constitutional boost into our floundering State – we’ve been encouraged to see some of the groundwork laid for a return to principals of Sovereignty and limited Government once again.

Following the event, a number of local media sources reported on the day-long conference, such as the Platte County Landmark, the Kansas News Press, the New American, and the Topeka Capital Journal. Generating no small amount of buzz, Missouri Tenth witnessed as the community raised curious questions in regards to Nullification, were in turn met with facts and friendly discourse, and usually left in agreement that, “Yes – this can work!”

But let’s be clear. The Nullify Now event, which was extremely well attended by numerous Missouri and Kansas citizens from all walks of life (as well as representing numerous groups from across our land), isn’t finding success through attendees occupying a space for a period of time…but because our people have been utilizing what they’ve learned to influence enduring change. This change, brought through a sometimes arduous task of sharing facts and rational discussion, and the patient goal of stopping unconstitutional Federal intrusions, has been strengthened through networking, numerous phone-calls to leadership, and even the leaders themselves (some of who attended the event), interposing on behalf on the Missouri people.


New Mexico Law and Local Sheriff Trump the Feds

New Mexico just proved that State law trumps unconstitutional federal regulations and that the power of the sheriff is superior over federal agencies.  This is the power of the Tenth Amendment!

Ten years ago, when Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson was Governor of New Mexico, he signed into law a bill authorizing New Mexico to cut trees and thin overgrown forests that can prevent uncontrollable wildfires.  This law applies to federal lands when federal agencies neglect or mismanage forests and put lives at risk.

The US Forest Service, under the USDA, allowed the Lincoln National Forest in Otero County to become dense and  overgrown and it was a life-threatening hazard.  The agency refused to remediate the problem.

Federal agencies are party to a sinister plot for total control and depopulation through the United Nations, called Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.  Many federal employees who enforce bad environmental policies may not realize they are really enforcing UN Agenda 21.  Part of this plot is the Wildlands Project designed to remove humans from rural lands and allowing forests to grow out of control, even when forest fires threaten human life.