Missouri on the Front-lines of Freedom

In Part 1 of our discussion on “Nullification in Missouri”, we discussed the important work that Missouri and her concerned citizens have been doing on behalf of liberty. Largely encouraged by recent events like the Tom Woods meet-up in March at Jefferson City, and the Nullify Now event in Kansas City, we are truly starting to see a shift in the hearts and minds of our people. But there’s still work to be done, and the need for education, vigilance, and purposeful activity continues to grow greater everyday.

As Matt Evans reported from the State Capital on Sept 20, 2011, Rep. Barney Fisher (District 125) said that he didn’t believe Missouri should be doing business with governments that “trample on human rights” (1). But whatever wisdom the statement might have had, must have been lost on Governor Jay Nixon when he signed a 4.4 billion dollar trade agreement with China. After all, who needs human rights, when you can have 4 billion dollars? Still, dealing with China might not be the pot o’ gold the Governor thinks it is. This is due in part to the city of Moberly cutting a deal with China-based Mamtek, which promised six hundred new jobs. But when the company failed to make a payment on nearly 40-million dollars in bonds, Moberly had to pony-up by dipping into their own debt service reserve(2). Perhaps this is why Missouri leaders like Senate President Pro-Tem Roby Mayer, and Republican Floor Leader Tom Dempsey, thought it a good idea to discourage other China exploits, like the recent St. Louis “China Hub Legislation”.

Meanwhile, Evan McMorris-Santoro at Talking Points Memo, writes that Public Policy Polling has declared 76 percent of Missouri as vehemently opposed to ANY cuts to the Socialist Security Entitlement Program(3), . But we here at Missouri Tenth beg to differ with the highly scientific (and obviously reliable) process of polls. Why? Because Public Policy Polling, which conducted the skewed data, is sponsored by Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Democracy For America, MoveOn.org and CREDO Action. ‘Nuff said.


‘Government Efficiency’: Trying to Turn Cats into Dogs

I’ll have more to say later on Mitt Romney’s speech on federal spending, but his banal call for making government more “efficient” gave me an opportunity to share some good commentary on the subject. In a recent piece criticizing Indiana’s Republican-led state government for not doing “anything substantive to improve Indiana’s budgetary, fiscal or economic position,” Craig Ladwig, editor…