Milk freedom moms ride again

A group of moms will once again defy federal law and transport raw milk across state lines later this week.

Last month, the mothers purchased raw milk from a farm in Pennsylvania and took it across the border to Maryland. From there, they traveled to the steps of the building housing FDA offices in Silver Spring, Md. and drank the milk.

The FDA bans transportation of unpasteurized raw milk across state lines. Government officials insist the unpasteurized milk poses a health risk because of its susceptibility to contamination from cow manure, a source of E. coli. In 1987, the feds implemented 21 CFR 1240.61(a), which provides that, “no person shall cause to be delivered into interstate commerce or shall sell, otherwise distribute, or hold for sale or other distribution after shipment in interstate commerce any milk or milk product in final package form for direct human consumption unless the product has been pasteurized.”

After the initial action by the moms, the FDA issued a statement indicating the agency has no intention of prosecuting those who transport raw milk for personal consumption.

This time, the milk freedom riders will up the ante, purchasing fresh, unprocessed milk from a small farm in Wisconsin, transporting it to Chicago’s Independence Park, and then distributing it to other mothers who need it for their families.


How To Respond To Betrayal?

cross-posted from the Pennsylvania Tenth Amendment Center In April, 2010, I wrote the following words Shortly thereafter, the congressional minority party began campaigning on the platform, “Repeal and Replace“.   As-if…  This is the party we elected in 2000 on promises to privatize social security.   After six years in power, instead of privatizing social security, they gave…


The Left’s Big Obsession

In the movie Casino (1995), Ace Rothstein is dining in the restaurant of the casino he manages and discovers that his blueberry muffin doesn’t have as many blueberries as his dinner companion’s blueberry muffin. Being the boss of the joint, he marches back to the kitchen for a chat with his baker (video):

ROTHSTEIN: From now on, I want you to put an equal amount of blueberries in each muffin — an equal amount of blueberries in each muffin.

BAKER: Do you know how long that’s going to take?

ROTHSTEIN: I don’t care how long it takes. Put an equal amount in each muffin.

If Rothstein were a leftist, this scene would epitomize the Left’s obsession with equality. My diagnosis is that Ace suffers from OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. In any event, a lefty is like a child at a birthday party complaining that another kid got a bigger piece of cake than he did.

In a conversation about equal treatment of the sexes — I forget whether we were talking about the military draft, unisex bathrooms, or what — a young woman actually told me that “equal” doesn’t mean “the same.” Uh, yes it does. Equal means: the same in all respects; identical; no differences whatsoever. Indeed, “equal” equals equal.