One sheriff stands up for the people he serves

ELKHART, Ind. (Dec. 8, 2011) – When states or individuals stand up against unconstitutional federal power, they need some muscle to back their action. The rightness of their cause, the nobility of their stand and the courage of their convictions does little to defend against armed federal agents with the power to arrest, fine and even imprison.

As constitutionally sworn law enforcement officers,  county sheriffs have the power and authority to step in and interpose on the behalf of citizens seeking to face down unconstitutional exercises of federal power.

Well known former Graham County, Ariz., Sheriff Richard Mack calls sheriffs “the last defense.”

One sheriff in Elkhart, Ind. takes that role seriously.

According to the Compliant Patient blog, Indiana raw dairy farmer Richard Hochstetler found himself in hot water with the feds when the FDA opened an investigation after an outbreak of illnesses officials linked to milk from his farm. After several inspections and attempted inspections of Hochstetler’s farm by federal agents, Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers stepped in and wrote two letters to the U.S. Department of Justice, warning it not to conduct inspections of the farm without a warrant issued by a local judge.

Compliant Patient blog editor David E. Gumpert reports that earlier this month, Rogers sent an email to Ross Goldstein, the DoJ attorney handling the case, warning, “any further attempts to inspect this farm without a warrant signed by a local judge, based on probable cause, will result in Federal inspectors’ removal or arrest for trespassing by my officers or I.”