Be not afraid

The Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary with a simple salutation.

“Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.”

But Mary didn’t react with joy to the celestial message. In fact, Luke says, “Mary was greatly troubled by his words…”

Greatly troubled.

Doesn’t that seem to describe the state of America today?

We have become a people driven by fear. I was reading a discussion thread on foreign policy the other day, and despite all of the rational reasons one person gave to avoid war with Iran if at all possible, the other party to the discussion continued to advocate for an aggressive intervention.

“I’m afraid Iran will nuke us.”

Signs of fear surround us. Just listen to supporters of the Patriot Act. Go through security at the airport. Read through the thousands of laws on the books meant to protect us from ourselves.

Politicians love fear. In fear, they find power. A scared population will forsake all kinds of liberty in the name of security. And when citizens cede their liberty, the politicians gain power.  Government stands ready to assuage our fears. But first, it must stoke them, and it seems they’ve discovered the perfect bellows.


The 2011 Wastebook

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