Top-10 Constitutional Violations of 2011 Play in new window | DownloadFrom a segment on the 28th Episode of Tenther Radio – starts at approximately 40 minutes into the show. Here’s a collection of what we think are the worst constitutional violations of 2011. There are a LOT more, and so many are so bad it was hard to keep…


The Time Has Come

As we all set our intentions for 2012, I want to leave you with a thought.

One of my many tasks at the Tenth Amendment Center is to spend some time getting to know our prospects- those who have volunteered to take on an organizational role with the Tenth Amendment Center.  Today, the recruit I was talking to said something that stuck with me:

“Well, it seemed clear that it’s time for me to go from reading about what’s happening, to doing something about it.”

As I see it, there are basically three categories of Americans:

The first, are those who go through life, believing everything that the establishment tells them.  This category is shrinking fast.


Tenther Year in Review Play in new window | DownloadAdd to iTunes Welcome to our special Tenther Radio “Year in Review” episode!  First, Michael Boldin and John Bush reviewed the “Most-Read Articles of 2011” from the Tenth Amendment Center Website.  And then, John Bush gave us an update on the Nullifcation: The Movie. The documentary will be premiering at…