The Time Has Come

As we all set our intentions for 2012, I want to leave you with a thought.

One of my many tasks at the Tenth Amendment Center is to spend some time getting to know our prospects- those who have volunteered to take on an organizational role with the Tenth Amendment Center.  Today, the recruit I was talking to said something that stuck with me:

“Well, it seemed clear that it’s time for me to go from reading about what’s happening, to doing something about it.”

As I see it, there are basically three categories of Americans:

The first, are those who go through life, believing everything that the establishment tells them.  This category is shrinking fast.


Tenther Year in Review

Add to iTunes Welcome to our special Tenther Radio “Year in Review” episode!  First, Michael Boldin and John Bush reviewed the “Most-Read Articles of 2011” from the Tenth Amendment Center Website.  And then, John Bush gave us an update on the Nullifcation: The Movie. The documentary will be premiering at the CPAC convention in Washington DC…