2011: Some Personal Highlights

I wanted to share my personal list of top experiences and milestones from the past 12 months that have me going strong into the new year:

Nullify Now! Los Angeles – This event was possibly the most challenging Nullify Now! event of the entire tour.  The stakes were high- we could not allow anything short of our goal in our home city!  What we somehow pulled off was more festival than meeting, with live music, art on display, panoramic views and the hardest hitting Tom Woods speech of the entire tour.  Nearly 500 came to the event, at least 30% of which were young people.  It was a day I’ll never forget.

Fundraising Call Center – For the first time as an organization, we paid for help to raise money.  Nick Hankoff and Rajani Elek came in an made hundreds of calls to ask for financial support.  To our surprise, most of those calls ended with “thank you for calling me”.