Washington state legislators introduce NDAA nullification bill

(Jan. 30, 2012) – With the introduction of the Washington State Preservation of Liberty Act, Evergreen State legislators have the opportunity to exercise their right and duty, and interpose on behalf of their citizens to halt a deliberate, palpable, and dangerous exercise of federal power.

NOTE: Model Legislation available here – contact your state legislators to ask that they introduce today!

Five Washington state representatives introduced HB 2759 on Tuesday. The bill condemns the unlawful detention of United States citizens and lawful resident aliens under the National Defense Authorization Act, and forbids “any state employee, member of the Washington National Guard or any agent of a corporation doing business with the state” to cooperate in the federal detainment or investigation of a U.S. citizen or resident alien.

It also prohibits the United States military from conducting within the boundaries of the state of Washington, an investigation or detainment of a United States citizen or lawful resident alien located within the state of Washington, except for a few narrowly prescribed circumstances.


Act Now: Tool to Help Say NO to NDAA Kidnapping

The following is a sample letter text that you can use to send along with NDAA Nullification legislation (HERE) to state and local legislators in your area.

Dear ______,

Please accept this constituent-petition containing draft legislation to nullify the unconstitutional 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (“2012 NDAA”). As a local leader, it is up to you to defend our liberties from unconstitutional and anti-liberty acts by the Federal Government. I implore you to introduce and pass this most necessary legislation.

Section 1021 of the 2012 NDAA purports to authorize the President to designate as an enemy combatant any U.S. citizen or legal resident alien found within the United States that the President suspects “was a part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners.”  Those covered by section 1021 are unclear and it is subject to abuse because it is not limited to individuals directly responsible for terrorism or belligerent acts; it applies to vague ‘substantial support’ for undefined ‘associated forces.’

The NDAA does not even provide the citizen or legal resident alien a forum to contest the President’s determination of enemy combatant status. Section 1021 then purports to authorize the President to utilize the military to detain and dispose of those U.S. citizens and legal resident aliens according to the Law of War, including: (1) indefinite detention without charge or trial until the end of hostilities, (2) prosecution through a Military Commission, or (3) transfer to a foreign country or foreign entity.   Indefinite military detention without charge or trial, military tribunals, and the transfer to a foreign jurisdiction of U.S. citizens and legal resident aliens subverts civil authority to the military and defies our most fundamental liberties and Due Process forged in the Rhode Island Constitution and the following sections of the United States Constitution;